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8, AUGUST 2019

Hey Rochelle fans! It's been a busy 2019. John just wrapped up some fantastic appearances at CWF FanFest 5, River City Wrestling Con, and Tampa Bay Comic Con. The next shows on the schedule are Infinity Toy & Comic Con (August), Lake Collect-A-Con (October), Daytona Beach Comic Con (November), and CWF FanFest 6 (November).

While Rochelle is on a temporary hiatus, John is still at work, with a a short in Unlikely Heroes Studios' Elshewhere .. anthology ("Murrieta"), and shorts in Antarctic Press' Exciting Comics ("BlackJaq"), Horror Comics ("Cold Blooded"), and Jungle Comics ("Shetani"). Upcoming titles from Squared Circle Comics include Rocky Johnson (September), followed by Hacksaw Jim Duggan #2, Bruno Sammartino #2, and Gangrel.