dell barras - artist & letterer

Before becoming the artist and letterer on Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach, Dell amassed over 40 years experience in the comic book industry, having worked with DC Comics and Marvel UK on many titles, including Blue Beetle and Death's Head II.  Dell has also worked extensively as a storyboard artist for Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox Family, Marvel Films, Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbara, and 20th Century Fox, on such titles as Transformers: The Movie, Shark's Tale, Buzz Lightyear, The Amazing Spider Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Silver Surfer, and ​The New GI Joe.  In addition to the Nikolai Miniseries, Dell is currently working as a storyboard artist for DreamWorks on the upcoming feature film, ​How To Train Your Dragon 3.

rochelle's team



A small town southern lawyer by day and storyteller by night, John first entered the comic book world as a creator and writer in June 2014.  After an initial publication of Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach #0 with AC Comics in March 2015, John spread Rochelle's wings and aligned her with well-known publisher, Antarctic Press, where she made her initial apperance in July 2016.  John is also currently writing the biographical miniseries, Nikolai, on the life of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Nikolai Volkoff, from Inverse Press and Cosmic Times.